Beer Olympics

A sports app to keep Beer Olympic events organized and running smoothly

  • Brackets and Scheduling
  • Scoring
  • Game Rules and Guides
  • Player Profiles

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Some friends got together to host a Beer Olympics event. After attending another similar event, we realized that some sort of system was needed to keep large numbers innebriated people organized enough to keep score and be in the right place at the right time. The inital concept was simple: a whiteboard to keep all the team names and scores, and a person with a megaphone to tell them where to go. The first time someone leaned against it and erased all the scores, it evolved into a spreadsheet. Later, as most things that involve the phrase "Beer Olympics" it got a bit out hand and a became a web app.

One of the challenges presented by an app built for intoxicated is the propencity for them to make more mistakes than the average user. To compensate for this, the bottom of the app includes a variable navigation bar which changes as you input information or navigate throug the app to insure it's easy to go back or undo actions.

One of the barriers we found in holding a beer olympics was creating teams. The main way to solve this was incorporating both and partial team signups and a free agent system. For fun (and future scalability) we also included player profile and statstics.

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