El Draque

Mojito Kit and Rum Packaging

  • Lime Juice Packaging, Open
  • El Draque Branding and Box Exterior
  • El Draque Rum Packaging, Open
  • Mint Syrup Packaging, Detail

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Sir Francis Drake, was known to his enemies as "El Draque" or "The Dragon". He is credited with creating the first mojito, a mix of sugar, mint, lime and a caribbean rum. Legend has it that after raiding a spanish gold train, his crew dragged 20 tons of treasure with them throogh the jungle. Unable to bring it all back with them, they buried the treasure. This later gave rise to stories of buried treasure in the Caribbean.

This promotional packaging is a mojito kit for El Draque Rum. Each ingredient is housed in a gemstone shapped wrapper, inspired by Drake's famed buried treasure. The gemstones each flower open to reveal a rich texture inspired by the orignal ingredients.

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