Animation and Motion Graphics

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Put your marketing materials in motion

Motion graphics are considered the best method for storytelling. Not only are they more memorable that static pictures, but humans pay more attention to things in motion. It’s why videos get many times more engagement than static images across every social media platform.

A good animation gives you an opportunity to communicate complex ideas in a more engaging and digestible way to insure your message gets across.

Storyboards and Animation

We create animations from start to finish. We start by translating your script into a fully illustrated storyboard. From there we bring it to life by animating it and adding sound. Whether you’re telling a longer story about your product or program, or creating a quick promotion for social channels, we can bring it to life.

Motion Graphics

With today's technology, there are more ways than ever to leverage motion than just using video with a play button. We leverage rich media, video and code to take your marketing materials to the next level, such as interactive infographics, animated social posts and marketing presentations.

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